10 best exercise routines for six pack

10 best exercise routines for six pack

10 best exercise routines for six pack, A lot of people have been wondering why they go to gym almost everyday but how every there six pack are still under developed. This question comes up often, but it seems that there is no suitable answer for it. We have made a careful experiment and have come up with the routine and sets we will implement to get a quick result. According to our experiment that we make, we set up the limit time frame for 3 months and get a mind-blowing result.

                                             3 months challenge with this best workout routine

We are going to list the 10 main guideline of how to train your abs this guideline will include time how many sets and how many reps you need to achieve the goal depending on the quantity of fat you have on your abs layer.

1. Sit-ups

 sit-ups have been a common and basic abs workout routine that everybody are away of, but that’s not the case.

This case is you doing it the right way? How many sets do you need? Do you need this routine every day? See the guideline.

90% of people anticipate seeing result for the work they did not do.

                              Guideline, sets and positioning

Sets- in order to achieve your goal within 3 months, you need to do between 5 to 10 sets priory to 30 minutes before meal.

Reps– on this sets you must do a minimum of 20 reps for each set of 5 sets making it 100 count or more, then on the 10 sets you need to do minimum of 10 reps of 10 set making it 100 count or more.

Positioning– make sure you are on a right position i.e., inserting your 2 pairs of your toes covered with trainers or your training shoes into a whole object or ask someone to stand on your foot while you do the reps, and then hook your 2 hands at the back of your head.

By doing this, you are putting 100% pressure on your abs muscle and fat between the skin layer and abs layer muscle.

Do this routine a minimum of 4 times in a week up to 3months.

Sporty man doing sit-ups exercise during home workout

2. Dead-bug workout

  1. dead bug workout is a very effective workout that build up your abs muscle, dead bug workout is one of the unpopular abs workouts that 80% of people ignores, but according to our experiment, dead-bug workout contributed at least 15% of the six-pack success. please see the bellow image for better understanding.

Sets– in order to abhor injury, we recommend doing this workout 30 minutes before working out, you need to do a minimum of 5 sets.

Reps– on these 5 sets, you need to do the minimum 15 reps from each of the 5 set

               Positioning– when you lie on the training mat, stretch your hands backwards from 0 degree to 40-degree angle and your legs from 180 degree to 90 degree, continue this simultaneously up to the minimum of 15 reps. please see the bellow image for better understanding.

repeat this exercise for the minimum of 2 times in a week up to a minimum of 3 months.

Dead bug workout

3. Abs-wheel

  1. ab wheel is the most popular or one of the most popular ab workouts, abs wheel workout is one of the exercises that you can not ignore if you want to achieve you full result of a journey of developing six pack.

According to our observation and analysis towards our six-pack experimental journey, ab wheel contributed at least 20% success rate to archiving this goal.

Set- you need to do this workout 1 hour priory to meal or 1 hour after meal, you only need 10 sets on this on this workout.

Reps- from the 10 sets of the ab wheel, you need 7 reps, and this routine will be implemented 5 times in a week up to 3 months.

Positioning in order to achieve best result, you need to kneel on the angle 90 between your gastrocnemius muscle and semitendinosus muscle pin the ab wheel on the floor and the roll it up to and for please see the bellow image for better understanding.

Fit woman working out with ab exercise wheel at home

4. bird dog workout

  1. bird dog workout is one of the unpopular workouts out there but is one of the crucial workouts that stimulates the abs muscles, this workout is very important to the 10 steps routine of achieving the six pack goals. Is contributed at least 8% of the success of our experimental challenge.

Sets- you need start this workout 30minuts priory to a meal, you only need 2 sets each of the right and left totalling 4 sets.

Reps- you need the minimum of 10 reps each on this workout.

Positioning in order to achieve the best result please refer to the bellow image.

Young sporty woman practicing yoga, doing Donkey, Kick exercise, Bird dog pose, working out, wearing sportswear, grey pants and top, indoor.

5.Russian twists

  1. Russian twist is one of the best abs workouts, this workout does not only work only on sixpacks AKA rectus abdominis but also works out the external oblique muscles.

Sets– priory to this workout, you need to start the workout 30minuts priory to meal.

You are recommended the minimum of 10 sets for the better result.

Reps- from the 10 sets, you need to do the reps for each set of 10 which is totalling 100 counts.

Positioning– you can do the Russian twist in several ways but according to our experiments of 3 months challenge we recommend floor and inclined please see the following image to have the better and clear idea of what you need to do.

Young woman doing abs exercises, Russian twist, isolated on white

6. A leg lowers workouts

  1. – leg lowers workout is another way of achieving the best result on abs. this workout is very unique, it does not only work out the six packs, it also dissolves the lower abdominal fats which is very complex to resolve.

This work out also benefits from removing the stubborn cellulites on the legs and thighs.

Sets- you are recommended to start the work at least 30 minutes priory before meal.

For the best result according to the experiment that we carried out, you need a minimum of 10 sets.

Reps- from the 10 sets you need at least a minimum of 15 reps from each of the 10 sets.

Positioning- you are required to hold a dumbbell that weighs a minimum of 5kg or any similar objects that weighs the same for a better and best result repeat this routine 3 time in a week for the period of 3months.

Young man stretching leg

7. Bar hanging side crunch

  1. bar hanging side crunch is one of the best effective ways of building the abs muscles, this workout contributed 20% of success rate to out six pack 3 months experiments. This workout might not be easy for some users or some people, but this is the best abs workout that you cannot ignore or boycott.

Sets– we recommend 5 sets on this workout for the best result of 3 months challenge.

Workout 1 hour priory to a meal.

Reps– 8 reps each from the 5 sets, at least a minimum of 8 reps is required totalling 40.

Positioning. Hold your 2 hands on the bar, raise your face up forward, start from 0 and end on the angle 90 degrees.

Side view of muscular determined man hanging on crossbar in gym and working out doing abdomen exercise.

8. Running plank slider

  1. Running Plank with Slider is another workout that contributed immensely to our experiment, this workout is unique, according to our experience to a very boring exercise, during our workout experiment, this workout contributed at least 7% of the success. This workout is very important, and it shouldn’t be ignored.

Sets – we recommend a minimum of 5 sets and 1 hour priory to a meal.

Reps- we recommended a minimum of 1-minute reps on this workout. This workout will be up to 3 times in a week from the total of 3 month.

Positioning- for the best result we will recommend holding an object rather than placing your hand on a bare floor. Please see the image bellow for a better understanding.

Young Athlete Female in Plank Pose doing Running Abs

9. Padded plank slider

  1. we developed this routine, Padded plank slider is barely known, is about 5% of people that is aware of this workout in fact it requires a stationary rowing machine to carry out this workout.

Sets- we recommend you do 4 sets on this challenge, work out 30 minutes prior to your meal

Reps- you need a minimum of 10 reps from each of the 4 sets, 4 times a week and for a duration of 3 months for the best result.

Positioning as you can see the bellow image, should place two of your legs onto the stationary sliding machine, and then pin your hands towards on the floor away from the machine stand and then begin to move it to and fro for the minimum of 10 times.

Padded plank slider

10. Decline sit-ups

  1. Declines are one of the popular abs’ workouts out there. This is one of the best workouts that you should not ignore towards the 3 months challenge this workout is very important and it have coproduced to the success of the 3 months’ six pack challenge.

Sets recommended to do 7 sets of decline sit-up and you shouldn’t eat 1 hour priory to the workout.

Sets- according to our experiment throughout, we are encouraging you to do at least 10 reps for the each of 7 sets of the decline sit-up, do this 3 time in a week and follow it up till 3 months.

Positioning for a better experience we recommended you place your 2 hands on your chest while you are sitting up and down or you can place a 5kg of the bar wheel and then continue with the workout.

Young woman doing Sit-ups in gym


We asked to you to stay resolute on this challenge, this challenge have been carried out by 10 individuals and we have successfully recoded the same result which they are able to achieve the six pack withing the 3 months, this is the best and the most used steps don’t, you have to ignore the dreams that says you can achieve this result within 10 or 20 days, this are or dreams, you have t face the reality here.

As long as you implemented this steps your goal is guaranteed.


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