10 best way to avoid heart attack

10 best way to avoid heart attack

10 best way you can follow, what is heart attack? and how can you avoid or prevent this deadly life threating illness? tips and guideline things you should avoid and thing you should eat to maintain a healthy heart function.

1. cigarette or tobacco

smoking is one of the dangerous habits that can easily destroys your heart easily.

regular smoking or consumption of cigarette can cause or developed atherosclerosis what is atherosclerosis?

atherosclerosis is the process of thickening the arteries, this occurs when a plaque is built up inside the artery tube

what is plaque? plaque is simply an unwanted waste product that is deposited inside the artery tubes such as fat and oily substance, it could be cholesterol and other unwanted waste product of an artery.

as this waste products builds up inside the tube the lining becomes thick

when this substance builds up and thickened the vessel, it reduces the blood flow and oxygen intake, if necessary, action is not taken, it will succeed in blocking the artery and it will result in CHD/ heart attack.

researchers have also reported that it can also cause a blood clot in the heart called coronary thrombosis.

coronary thrombosis is a blood clot inside the vessel that sustains blood in the heart, when the blood is built in the heart vessel, it will prevent the blood flow in the heart, which can impact the heart negatively by damaging the heart tissue and can potentially causes heart attack.

2. high alcohol consumption

stop alcohol

alcohol is another dangerous substance that shouldn’t be taken above the limit.

high alcohol intake can cause heart failure, heart attack, and death.

alcohol drinks contain one of the dangerous toxic chemicals called ethanol.

this is a toxic chemical which means it is flammable, health researchers have recommended that alcohol should not be taken above the recommended limit.

the recommended limit is a 14 unit a week, or six pints of average beer weekly.

you will be wondering what 14 units of alcohol is, i will make this clearer, this means 10 small glass of wine weekly or equivalent.

when you drink over this limit, you are risking or endangering your heart to a heart damage.

3.Avoid too much consumption of red meat

according to recent research, it has stated that red meat contains a high level of cholesterol.

cholesterol can seriously have a bad effect in your heart, cholesterol is one of the plaque components that helps other unwanted waste product in the artery such as fat and oily substance to enhance or hardened the artery liner this can lead to heart attack because there will be a reduction in blood from.

there are remedies that can help you control or eliminate cholesterol.

one of them is regular exercise, researchers has said that at least you must stay active or burn roughly 50 to 100 calories in a day.

another remedy is fiber and good balance consumption diet, eating a good balance diet helps you prevent cholesterol, in order to maintain a healthy life, must engage in the routine of taking balance diets.

4. eat more heart healthy food

diet healthy meal for the heart

for you to keep living a healthy life, you must eat foods that can enhance your heart function.

heart plays a role of frame system of the organs meaning it give each and every organ in the body.

without a good heart function, it is hard to live a healthy live, however the good and healthy life is achievable once you follow the 10 best way you can follow to avoid heart attack.

one of the food classes you should avoid is saturated fat, this in the type of fat that are capable of building plaques in the heart. one of the saturated fatty foods you should avoid too much of red meant intake and fatty diary product.

this type of meal can increase the chance or risk of building up cholesterol in the arteries linners.

5. avoid obesity


in fact, being obese is on the risk that causes heart attack.

researchers and clinical specialist have seriously warned individuals the danger of obesity.

researchers states that 50 to 65 percent of heart attacks happens as a result of being obese and unhealthy fat.

the danger that follows obesity is overwhelming.

obesity archives all the dangerous and unhealthy hearth harmful diseases such as.

  • coronary heat diseases
  • hypertension or high blood pressure
  • type 2 diabetes
  • stroke
  • gallbladder diseases.

obesity holds all the causes of death; this can be avoided by keeping up a healthy weigh.

what is a normal weight for adult? a normal weight for adult should be between 126 to 130Ib which is equivalent to 56 to 70Kg.

keeping this weigh will help to reduce the risks of heart diseases or heart attack.

6.regular checkup

regular checkup

it is very necessary to check your health regularly. even if you are keeping a healthy life, researchers recommends that you check your health regularly.

you are not sure what type of checkup you should have? here are the tips

diabetes- people living with diabetes are recommended to do their regular checkup and make sure they don’t miss out on their medication.

such as insulin, missing your medication can be dangerous and deadly also maintain a good diet that are low in sugar such as fiber and good proteinoids food.

blood pressure keeping your blood pressure under control is very important, doctors have recommended that your normal blood pressure should be 140/90mmHg.

make sure you engage on regular exercise and it more healthy meals, avoid saturated fat.

cholesterol level- have a regular checkup and maintain a recommended medication if needed. eat

healthier and avoid saturated fat from diary product.

sugar level– check your sugar level regularly to avoid being diabetic.

according to specialist researchers, sugar is a common cause of diabetes maintain and eating food that are low in sugar helps to avoid diabetes.

7. high lipoprotein

high in lipoprotein

what is high lipoprotein, high lipoprotein is sticky particles composed of multiple protein that transfers fatty substance around the body with the water outside cells.

when your lipoprotein is too high, it increases the risk of heart diseases.

the bad thing is there is no treatment or medical remedy to treat high lipoprotein, but however it can be avoided by eating healthy and regular exercise.

8. family history

family history

knowing the history of your family health is very important.

when you have a numerous hearth disease in your family history, this will increase the chance.

however, it is very crucial to know the history because from there you can take extra measure or extra carful of what you suppose to eat and how often you exercise.

knowing your family history helps your focus on daily diets and routines.

researchers have concluded that 25% heart diseases that occurs is a result of family health history.

do more research going back to the cause of your four father’s death this will give you more confident to do more and improve your health situation.

9. staying active daily

being active daily helps to reduce the risk of heart diseases,

individuals recommended by their doctors not to engagein hard exercises such as running, gym, lifting heavy weights and more.

but there are other ways to manage this situation, such as staying active every day, this could be a normal home activity such as cleaning, washing, tidying and yoga.

by doing this, you are maintaining the same exercise that someone that is doing the regular exercise, but on a slower routine and eventually you will get to your goal. do this type of activities on day to day, rather than sleeping all the time, staying inactive can cause obesity and potential heart diseases.

10. avoid high sodium

high sodium

too much consumption of sodium is very risky, if possible, avoid sodium by all means.

sodium chemical compound that holds fluid in the body system, and it develops more pressure or burden to the heart.

too much sodium can result in heart disease, stroke, heart failure, kidney diseases, stomach cancer and more related illness.

not sure what sodium is? the typical example of sodium is salt, try to avoid salt if necessary or use it socially.

by avoiding this type of chemical, you are reducing the chance of heart attack.

this are the

10 best way to avoid heart attack


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