10 healthy food for diabetes patients,

10 healthy food for diabetes patients,

10 healthy food for diabetes patients. making a research about the type of food you should be eating while you are living with diabetes shouldn’t be a problem, we have putting everything together for you.

after a proper research about the food you should eat. we have putting thing togrther for you.

here are the top 10 diet you should be eating.


Leavy vegetable has been approved clinically be rich in nutrient likewise vitamin c including antioxidants that protects the heart,

Leafy vegetable has a very low calories ad very easy to digest. They are low in digestive carbs that absorbed by the body, and they don’t affect blood sugar level.

2. avacado

avocado has less that one gram of sugar and they are generally improves health, avocado also has some element that helps in lowering the chance of getting diabetes.

3. dacryodes edulis

 dacryodes edulis restors the pancreatic architecture without any obvious untoward hepatic damages, suggesting that its use in the management of the diabetes, acording to research dacryodes edulis has almost exact component with avacado, infact in africa, avacado pear and dacryodes edulis is pear, so it has een said to have the same category health wise.

4. beans

Beans is a pure nutritious, and also clinically proven to have a low glycaemic index,  it has been certify for this reason for people with diabetes.

5. ground nuts

generally groundnuts is a heathy balance diet, it has been said clinically that they have high level of fibrethat helps in reduction of high blood sugar and cholesterol levels.


Generally garlic helps in reducing the blood sugar level, cholesterol and high blood pressure, especially people that has diabetes.

7. fatty fish-Fatty fish is a unique diet for people that has diabetes,

it contains imega-3 which reduces inflammation and other risks that leads to heart disease and stroke. It is also very high in protein which is very crucial for regulating sugar levels.

8. egg– eggs prevents the risks of heart disease

it has been also proven that egg inhances a good blood sugar management.however this means that people living with diabetes can improve their health, by cosuming eggs on a daily basis.

9. tomato- tomato is one of the best food remedy for people with diabetes

tomato has a high potatium, vitamin c and Lycopene, this component are very strong in terms of fighting diabetes.

10. lemon- the high vitamin c in lemon help diabetic patients to lower the Blood Glucose Levels,

clinic researchers has said that the level of vitamin C in the body can reduce the risk of diabetes. They also found that fruit and vegetable intake to some extent reduced the risk of developing diabetes,

10 healthy food for diabetes patients.


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