security with dogs

security with dogs

security with dogs? yes dogs are great in securing properties and generally. dogs are the best and one of the most intelligent animals on earth. dogs are not just for security but also friendly. in terms of security, dogs are more proactive than human being.

dogs’ processes threat or danger and react to it before it happens,

they are agile and mobile at any giving time. but not all the dogs have a security characteristic behavior. I will walk you through the top 3 dogs that is security inclined.

in fact these dogs are burn never to back off and highly intelligent through hearing and smelling.

1. German shepherded

  • German shepherd is one of the best when you are considering acquiring a security dog. German shepherd is the most intelligent amongst all the security dogs due to its flexibility. This type of dog breed is a fast learner, they learn anything you teaches them as fast as possible because of their smart retentive memory. German shepherd is unarguably the best security dog out there, scientist and researchers have agreed and declared. That’s why many security agencies uses German shepherd as their best choice such as police, detectives and more.
German shepherd

According to history. it has been said that this dog has been used by the police, military and other legal forces for over 100 years. It has been confirmed that they are naturally intelligent and protective.

The best characteristic of German shepherd is that they are very loyal      to their master. They can also react and act independently due to their intelligence.


Prices for puppy– from the breeder German shepherd cost between £500 to £2000

Price for adult– the adult has already undergone some training and the price will be a bit higher than puppy, you are looking about between £1000 to £3000 for adult.

2. Rottweiler

Rottweiler is another best security dogRottweiler is unique but it might not be as intelligence as German shepherd, but they are however burn for security purposes.


the Rottweiler is one of the scariest dog breeds.

they are always serious of what they do, they are normally friendly internally but due to their fearfulness of their faces and physique, you will think they are also not in the mood, but the truth is they are great friendly dogs only on a daytime.

Apparently, I have squeezed out time during my busy schedules and carefully studied the characteristics of this dog. I have discovered a unique and secret behavior from this dog.

You can’t believe what I observed or discovered. Do you know Rottweiler has two behavioral characteristics? Rott has a daily and nighty character, this observation is not just from one of my dogs but many of them has this same character.

On the daytime, rottweiler behaves very friendly, and they can welcome visitors by shaking their tails and bow down their head.

But in the nighttime, they switch their character to aggressive. If the same visitor that was well welcomed on the daytime comes around in the nighttime, rottweiler automatically sees them as a traitor in the nighttime.

So, in rottweilers point of view, every night movement is a threat, and they can be so aggressive and strong.

Rottweiler can pull down a whole human being that’s how power and strong they are.


Price for puppy– the Rottweiler puppy cost between £950 to £1850

Price for adult– the rottweiler adult cost between £1500 to £3000

3. Pitbull

Pitbull is one of the strongest and most expensive dog on earth. in fact Pitbull is the strongest dog among the rest of the dogs.

Pitbull was made from two dogs which are bulldog and terrier. This dog is made for guiding, capturing biting.


the Pitbull an overwhelming character.

they are trained to guide, protect or secure a premises.

their actions rely in them, they do not give too much awareness or bark before acting, rather they act first before barking or alerting that something is wrong.

this dog is strong enough to bite off some one’s hand or leg with just a single bite. they are called action dogs because they give little or no sign before they attack

however, whatever they hold their teeth with they hardly let go or releases them, being a human or animal.

They have the strongest jaw and teeth amongst other dogs.

Do you know that Pitbull is the only dog that challenges or attack an animal’s 10 times bigger than them? Such as leopards, cheetah, or puma.

Pitbull’s power relies on their teeth they trust their teeth and jaw more than any other parts on their body

Another overwhelming character of Pitbull is that you can not attack their master or any of the master’s relative while they are around or present. They will totally take over the situation and defend their masters. They are one of the best defensive dog out there.

If you are looking for a security dog that participates in acting rather than giving alerts.

maybe for a building site, securing a premises from theft and other illegal activities, pit pull is the best choice you can ever think off.


Price of adult – the adult can cost between £1500 to £8000 they are one of the most expensive dog.

Price of puppy– the puppy can cost between £1000 to £3000


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