Unit 14: IT Delivery Service past paper

Unit 14: IT Delivery Service past paper

Sample Assessment Materials, Unit 14: IT Delivery Service past paper,

this is the unit 14 it service delivery that will help you prepare your upcoming exam on information technology.

the paper contains all the tasks samples, you can download the pdf file bellow,

what are the criteria of this paper?

this paper includes part A and part B, which have the submission outcome of activity 1, activity 2, activity 3, activity 4 and activity 5

this are the list of outcome you must hand in after the overall exam.

what is the overall time of the exam? in some cases the student can get between 8 to 10 hours depending on the exam situation and condition, in the hour, it will be split into the tasks critesrias,

e.g., task 1 will probably have about 2 hours, task 2 and 3 will probably have about 5 hours, while the task 4 and 5 will have the remaining hours of 3.

is the exam open book?

no the exam is not an open book, in fact the exam is fully inspected with approximately 3 inspector,

will the exam be written on a paper or on computer?

the exam will be on the computer through out.

are the student allowed to have a pen and paper during the exam?

no the pen and paper is fully restricted from the exam hall and the student can be heavily

punished if they disobey the rules and regulation of the exam or engage themselves on an exam malpractice .

are the students allowed to have access to the internet during the exam?

no the student are not allowed to have access o the internet during the exam time, you will be giving a separate exam logging detail, when you login it will be a total deferent window with and internet restriction.

Unit 14: IT Delivery Service past paper


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