unit: 3 using social media for business

unit: 3 using social media for business

unit 3 using social media for business.

unit 3 assignment presentation example using social media for your business the first thing you should do is introduction.


My name Christabel Armon, welcome to social media report and plan of the living stone ltd.

the living stone limited is a mining and jewelleries  production company that produces all type of earrings, chains, gem stones, wrist watches, bangle and more.

I will be including draft plans on social medias that the living stone ltd will use on there business.

After some couple of researches I have concluded and decided to use the following social media in my business which are Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.

In this selected social media I have demonstrated and created an account to implement my business in this social networks.

however, I have developed how to analise the business nature and how to communicate and easily interact with my customers.

I have also considered to create an online community by using this media networks.

Finally I will be creating an annotation plan and imprudent version of the social media and also discuss the data analytics of this social medias that I have chosen which are Facebook, Instagram, and twitter.

I will also evaluate those social media plan that I have created  and I will try to evaluate the optimised social media plan that I have created.

While I m evaluating the plans, I will evaluate the data analytics report that I will discuss.

targeted audience

My targeted audiences will be everybody and it does not abhor any age.

jewelleries are suitable for everyone dearfore every one is a target.

Example Asian wedding decoration, Asian wedding uses gold for their wedding this is their traditional system and it is permanent . This is the one of the essential audiences.

secondly pop stars. in the hip-hop tradition or culture they sees jewelleries as one on the element of success in the industry so dear fore they are the second potential audiences etc

download file for a better idea how to answer this task


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