what was jesus christ original name?

what was jesus christ original name?

What was jesus christ original name?In the year between 4 and 6 BC when Jesus was born, according to the Hebrew bible, the original name was yeshua, which is Joshua in english translation,

Jesus Christ is a messiah of the christian faith, he was born in  4 BC – and acording to the history, he died on AD 30 at the age of 33, he was born in Bethlehem a small town in palestine of today which is a few miles away from jerusalem.

but the main question here is, what is the original name of Jesus and how does the name came about?

from the original copy of the bile which is kown as hebrew bible, and also known as the old testerment of the bible, his original name is yeshua.

alot of people have been wondering were the translation “jesus” came from.

their is something unsual about the name “jesus”,

The suprice was the new testament was not written in English or Hebrew but rather was written in greek language, however the old testament was written in Hebrew and Aramaic but the new testament was written in greek.

the main question is how does yeshua also known as joshua in english translation was converted or translated to jesus.

According to the greek english lexicon known as liddell and scott which was compiled in 19th century by Henry Stuart Jones, and Roderick McKenzie and published in 1843 by the Oxford University Press,

Yeshua was translated into ancient greek language as “le sus” the letter Y represent the letter L, on the word yeshua, the “SH” letter was not on the greek lexicon so they translated the “SH” as “S”

according to the history, the name name “jesus” was called lesus from the first century till the 16th century when the L from lesus was changed into J as Jesus.

people also wondered how christ imerged as a last name

in the hebrew tradition, when a child is born, the child answers the immidiate fathers first name as last name, but in the case of jesus, he was called jesus christ or jesus of nazareth which is the place he came from.

so people was wondering why jesus is not called “jesus-God” as the son of God, “jesus-mary” as the son of mary, or “jesus-joseph” as the son of joseph, but rather called the jesus of nazareth the place he came from or jesus christ

the question is how does the “CHRIST CAME ABOUT?

in the hebrew tradition, the name “christ” means the messiah, or the Gods Anointed person.


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